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Year-round rental application
MJB Property Management 877.333.8194
1952 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA 02050
Date application was submitted
Address of property
Town, State & Zip
Name of primary applicant
Phone number (1)
Phone number (2)
E-mail address
Drivers licence # & state
Name and company of your broker
Cell # and E-mail of your broker
***Note**** We strongly suggest that you include a letter to the owner detailing any special circumstances that may need explanation. Please submit that along with the other required documents as part of this application.
Current mailing address
Date occupancy is desired
Length of lease desired
Are you offering to pay the full asking price?
If yes, enter the full price amount per month
If no, enter the amount you are offering per month
How many additional occupants will there be?
Please list each additional occupant
Do you have any pets that will live in or on the property?
Yes (If yes please explain below)
Please list each pet type, breed, age and name
On what day is your rent due and how much is it per month?
How long do you plan on living in the rental home that meets your needs?
Do you have renter's insurance?
Do you have or plan to use any water filled furniture?
Have you ever broken a lease?
Why was the lease broken?
Have you ever been evicted or asked to leave a rental property?
Have you ever refused to pay rent for any reason?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
Do you currently have utilities in your name?
Is there any reason you would not be able to place utilities in your name?
Any reason that may interrupt your ability to pay rent?
Is your rent payment paid up to date?
Have you had any late rent payments in the past 12 months?
Residence History
List your current full address and full mailing address
Date you start living at above address
Did you own or rent?
List the landlord's name, address and contact number
Do you give permission to MJB to call this person for a reference?
If no, explain
List a previous residential address
When did you start living there?
When did you stop living there?
Did you rent or own?
List the landlord's name, address and contact number
Do you give permission to MJB to call this person for a reference?
If no, explain
Current income and employment
Name and addres of employer
Current employment status
Job title and description
How long have you been employed there?
Name and contact info of your supervisor
Do you give permission to MJB PM to contact your employer?
Current yearly income
How are you compensated?
Please list the amount and source of any additional income
How long have you been receiving this income and when is the end date?
If you plan on having a co-signed list their name and contact info below
How are you related to the co-signer and will they be living at the property?
Vehicles to be at the property
List all cars, boats and or any other vehicles that will be at the property and licence plate #'s
**Note, only the vehicles listed on this application will be authorized on the property
Credit card and or loans
List all current card balances and loan amounts including auto loans
List all other current monthly expenses (Medical bills, Health insurance, Other insurance, Cable, Tuition, Child care and other)
Total monthly expences
References you agree MJB PM can contact (Personal & professional) List one of each
Personal reference w/ contact info
Professional reference w/ contact info
Enter your credit score NOTE * You still need to send in your report
Information requested below to be e-mailed to Mbiviano@hotmail.com in PDF format ONLY
Copy of all applicant's drivers licences
Copy of a voided personal check
Copy of your two most recent pay stubs
If self employed send copy if Schedule C
Copy of your credit report
Copy of co-signed credit report
Applicant's letter to the owner
Did you e-mail all the info above in PDF format ONLY to: MBIVIANO@HOTMAIL.COM
Applicants digital signature (type name)
Date application was signed
Co-signer digital signature (type name here)
Date application was signed

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