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Title V (5) Inspections
*Inspections start at $395.00*

What should I expect when I have a Title 5 Inspection?
The Title 5 Septic Inspection takes about 2-8 hours to complete with around 3 days lead time. 
In most instances, you must be present at time of inspection. We will need to inspect the plumbing in the basement and you must answer some general questions for the inspector. If you are on town water, we will need a copy of the water records for the past 2 years.  You can obtain this from your local town hall. 
We will also need a copy of your septic system as-built.  This piece of paper will usually be found with the paperwork from when you purchased your home or you can get a copy of it from your town hall Board of Health Dept. 
We will need to expose up to four component covers in your yard. Digging is done by hand, 90% of the time. In most cases, you will not be able to tell that we were there after the inspection is complete!
It is NOT required for your septic tank to be pumped as part of the inspection per MA D.E.P. guidelines but there are circumstances that may require your tank to be pumped. We will let you know if your system has passed or failed at the time of inspection. Reports will be issued to the homeowner and Board of Health .
If you are thinking about selling your home, it is best to have your system inspected BEFORE you list your home for sale.
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